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The Parent Involvement Initiative

Published: May 19, 2016

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The Parent Involvement Initiative is part of the Kentucky Department of Education’s State Personnel Development Grant (SPDG), funded by the Office of Special Education Programs and managed by the University of Kentucky. It is designed to promote stakeholder engagement in Kentucky Department of Education initiatives (e.g. State Performance Plan and State Systemic Improvement Plan).

What is happening with Parent Involvement?

  • Parent Handbook
    The Kentucky Parent Guide for Special Education [PDF] was developed to provide parents and other stakeholders with information regarding the special education process and services provided to students throughout the state. Click on the link above for answers to questions regarding the special education process.
  • Parent Involvement Video Series- Developed to provide information from The Kentucky Parent Guide for Special Education. Videos range in length from 10-26 minutes each, and can be viewed by an individual or a group.  The videos are designed with flexibility in mind, so parents can view them in order, or as specific needs arise. Click on the link provided, and it will take you directly to the chosen video.


  • Additional Resources

Purpose and Goals of the Parent Involvement Project:

  • Help parents and other stakeholders increase their understanding of the SPDG
    Provide a liaison to work between the KY SPDG and community, school, parent and student groups statewide. Information is made available to increase stakeholder understanding of Kentucky Department of Education initiatives and how they impact students identified with disabilities.
  • Provide feedback to KDE leadership
    Provide parent and stakeholder feedback regarding SPDG initiatives and activities to KDE leadership. This provides a mechanism for stakeholder input into school improvement planning.
  • Provide activities designed to enhance parent involvement with the SPDG and SPP
    Disseminate information and training regarding parent involvement goals and objectives, resources and services including a parent handbook. Create opportunities to increase parents’ understanding of SPDG initiatives in order to engage with schools more effectively in the decision-making process regarding school improvement (SPP and SSIP).
  • Program evaluation
    Project coordinator along with SPDG evaluators, assess the needs of parents to evaluate the effectiveness of parent involvement programs. The analysis of annual surveys is used to identify parent needs and successful approaches to increase parent involvement.


Susan Burgan, Parent Involvement Coordinator,