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Human Development Institute

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Excellence in Disabilities

Building Bridges to Student Success


June 27, 2019 Summit

Lexington Clarion Hotel and Conference Center

1950 Newtown Pike, Lexington, KY 40511

  1. Terry Scott-UofL: Talking about PBIS: Benefits to Schools & Districts
  2. Naomi Brahim, Katy DeFerrari & Saundra Hensel-Jefferson Co. Public Schools: Sustaining & Building Capacity at the School & District Level
  3. Kathleen Jackson-NIRN presentation: Using High Quality Practices to Implement Systemic Change
  4. Jodi Hall-Assistant Director of Special Education, Boone County Schools: District Implementation Practices and Approaches
  5. Susan Burgan- UK-HDI: Supporting Student Success with Family-School Partnerships