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Jill Griffiths Staff Photo

Jill Griffiths

Project Director
Phone: (304) 523-7900
Responsibilities: Develop career ready measures for students participating in the alternate assessment with Kentucky's assessment and accountability model Develop an instructional model to support the achievement of career readiness Develop and facilitate a network of stakeholders to develop the products and processes Develop usability sites to model and test the measures, products and processes Provide coaching and follow-up to usability and targeted sites Provide training, coaching and support to cooperative consultants assigned to the project and assisting with state implementation Collaborate and coordinate with KDE about implementation and sustainability
Experiences: Special Education Teachers -provided instruction to students with Mild Mental Disabilities (4 years) and Functional Mental Disabilities (6 years) Director of Special Education (2 years) -supervised special education programming in 5 schools; provided training and consultation to district personnel; provided oversight for IDEA-B funds Special Education Cooperative Director (26 years) -provided oversight for the implementation of grant activities related to state priorities; provided training, consultation and technical assistance to member school districts; developed new programs to assist districts in providing services to students with disabilities
Reason: To support students with disabilities in achieving successful transition to adult life.
Interests: Church committees and activities, Huntington Area YoungLife, animal rescue, and Marshall University sports.