Lifespan Projects

Brighter Tomorrows: Supporting Families with Accurate Information About Down Syndrome
Brighter Tomorrows offers Web-based information on Down syndrome diagnoses to families and physicians alike. Both the family and the physicians’ versions feature videos of virtual families and their interaction with physicians. In addition to frequently asked questions and answers, the Family version, available in both English and Spanish, offers a set of printable resources and Life Glimpses of individuals with Down syndrome from early childhood to young adulthood. The Physicians’ version provides more technical detail about screening and diagnostic tests, as well as evidence-based practice when delivering a diagnosis of Down syndrome. The Physicians’ version also includes Life Glimpses and printable resources with current research-based references.

Developmental Disabilities Certificate Program
The purpose of this Graduate Certificate is to prepare professionals from a broad range of disciplines to play a leadership role in providing services and supports for people with developmental disabilities and their families.

Preservice Health Training Project
The Human Development Institute has developed, in collaboration with families, consumers, and medical, nursing, and allied health faculty, a training curriculum on the needs of persons with developmental disabilities and their families that can be infused into existing medicine, nursing, dental, and allied health course work in Kentucky universities and colleges.